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Our first-class team can access the full range of services needed to deliver the best possible PR & Communications solutions to meet your requirements. These services are listed below.


We can help you create a mission, vision, and culture to transform your company, productivity, and profits.
We have years of experience in spearheading culture transformation and employee communication campaigns for leading companies. We have used that experience to shape our own culture and we can bring our years of learning to benefit your brand.


The active promotion of your brand and associated products, people and capabilities can deliver the essential edge you need to win new business and open up new markets. Promotion means investment in advertising, media relations, events, other creative promotional vehicles and associated sales and marketing collateral (brochures, magazines, direct mail, broadcast promotions, video etc.). This is where we add the value. We will assess the best and most appropriate strategy to drive your brand promotions over the short to medium term (tactical sales campaigns) through to longer-term strategic positioning in current and new markets.


The reputation of your business and its brand need to be protected at all times. A crisis, even the threat of a crisis cannot be ignored. It won't go away if you simply pretend it isn't there. There are a host of stakeholders that need to be managed. You need to 'grip and control the 'story' before the media does it for you. We can manage these situations in partnership with you, or we can train your communications people and senior leaders, through theoretical and practical workshops, to be prepared and rehearsed for every eventuality. Using preventative training techniques we manage the planning and delivery of actions and messages appropriate to any given situation. In short, we can help clients defend, protect and enhance vital brand values when issues threaten the good name of a company, charity, individual or public sector organization.


The real test of a company's reputation is how it is viewed by its customers, its people, and its communities and by the public at large. Your values shine through in the way you interact with those around you. Do you really care? Are you aware of your surroundings and those of your customers? Do your people and their communities share in your Company's success? How do your customers and your people help their communities understand and support your vision? All of these parameters need to be considered, planned and managed if your Company plans to stand alongside the best-loved brands. We can help you assess, plan and act to make sure that you have all of your public relations bases covered, from international, national and local government partnerships; benchmark community relations and investment; and inclusive public relations across the broadest range of audiences.


While effective plans and processes help your business to function, it is motivated and inspired people that will deliver success. Your employees want to understand and actively support your vision for the future. How effective you are at communicating your vision and sharing what is expected of each player on your team will ultimately determine how successful you will become. It is the role of your business communications team to make sure that your people are inspired as well as informed.


When the campaign 'rubber hits the road' you can count on Effective Communications to fall in alongside your business and support the delivery of tactical administrative Communications support. Who'd have thought that translation, creative services, design, printing and packaged delivery would take up so much or your team's project time? Relax. We've already thought about it and we can help you plan and manage successfully. We're just a call away.


INFLUENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS is the 'one stop shop' when it comes to Marketing Communications planning solutions delivery. Building brands and driving sales nationally and internationally require versatility in planning and execution. A range of messages, channels tools, and cultures all come into play in unique ways when you aim to access new markets. Identifying and mapping stakeholder audiences, analyzing your Company and marketing data to shape your offering are just the start of a solutions package aimed at bringing the best possible results for your marketing dollar. Capturing headlines in the press and media, building eye-catching websites, creating memorable branding and producing compelling audio/visual materials are all part of our offering. We also provide targeted marketing campaigns through digital, social media and the most effective and creative advertising solutions that will make your brand and the bottom line 'pop'.


Thanks in part to the internet, more people than ever before are proclaiming their passionately-held views to anyone prepared to read or listen. Pressure groups are formed in a matter of hours and can harness the force of online and social media in seconds. Using any number of traditional or new-media channels, individuals and groups can influence the way the world sees and interacts with your brand. You can sit and watch it happen or you can get involved in the debate and shape the narrative. By choosing the former, you lose all control of the issue, the narrative and, eventually, your reputation. We can help you with the latter so that your people and your brand are supported and protected throughout the duration of any brief or sustained attack from potential protagonists. Through skills training, message planning and packaging and the adoption of a tried and trusted social media management techniques we will make sure that you control the conversation. Beyond the online debate, we can support your drive for the marketing high-ground through the positioning and delivery of thought-leadership campaigns aligned to your values, your capabilities, and your business/market development aspirations.

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